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Tacolicious School Project Raises Over $500,000!

In February 2012, my boys were 10 and 6. As a family, we were six years deep into the world of San Francisco public education, we had opened two Tacolicious restaurants, and I had two wishes: 1. I wanted to help our kids’ school, San Francisco Community. Like all the public schools in this city, it needed funding then […]

Two-Can Tuna Tacos

I’m a lover of canned tuna. It’s like a reliable friend, always there for you in your cupboard. I like it in a sandwich (add gherkins, cucumbers, and dill), on pizza (add sliced onions and basil), tossed with spaghetti (add tomatoes, capers, anchovies, and parsley), and, maybe most of all, […]

Tacolicious: A BFF to Both Celiacs and the Gluten-Free

At Tacolicious, we do everything we can to accommodate our guests, especially when it comes to allergies. Ask for something without dairy and we’ll gladly skip the sprinkle of cotija cheese or the squiggle of crema. Cocoa intolerant? We’ll suggest a double shot of tequila for dessert instead of churros […]

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