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12 Taquerias, 25 Tacos, 2 Boxes of Kleenex: The Story Behind the Saveur Story

Much of modern-day food media revels in exalted tales of gluttony—entertaining stories in the vein of “Eight hours in Tokyo: 12 bowls of ramen, 20 shots of whiskey, and one drunk-ass encounter with Anthony Bourdain.” Though it’s often a guy behind this kind of story, regardless of gender, there’s an […]

Tacolicious School Project Raises Over $500,000!

In February 2012, my boys were 10 and 6. As a family, we were six years deep into the world of San Francisco public education, we had opened two Tacolicious restaurants, and I had two wishes: 1. I wanted to help our kids’ school, San Francisco Community. Like all the public schools in this city, it needed funding then […]

Two-Can Tuna Tacos

I’m a lover of canned tuna. It’s like a reliable friend, always there for you in your cupboard. I like it in a sandwich (add gherkins, cucumbers, and dill), on pizza (add sliced onions and basil), tossed with spaghetti (add tomatoes, capers, anchovies, and parsley), and, maybe most of all, […]

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