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Let Us Buy You A Drink: Tacolicious Turns One

Last New Year’s Day was a cold and clear Friday. I woke up very early in the morning. The night before had been Laïola’s last supper, so to speak. When the doors closed that night and the revelers were gone, we locked the door and papered the windows. After two […]

The T-Lish Telmorito: The Housemade Nacho Chip

I’m at work and Joe just dropped off some of Telmo’s pozole soup as well as a bag of his homemade take on a certain famous nacho chip, straight from our Ferry Plaza Farmers Market stand, where they’re for sale every Thursday. (Let’s refer to them “Telmoritos” should there be […]

A Quick Trip to Baja Norte

Hi. It’s Joe, not Sara. I’m not smart enough to create an administrative profile for myself here, so I’ve decided to write this using Sara’s. You might have heard, we are opening a new Tacolicious. And while I’m beaming with excitement now, at  the time I wrote these notes, I […]