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January 7th: A Crab and Wine Feast to End All Crab and Wine Feasts

Join us at Tacolicious North Beach on Tuesday, January 7, for the ultimate crab and wine feast. We’re celebrating the debut of Casa Madero—Mexico’s oldest and most excellent winery—into the U.S. In fact, Tacolicious will be the first restaurant to serve it. For this special evening, the likes of tacos […]

Leftover Turkey? Make a Cheater’s Panucho

It might only be the eve of Thanksgiving, but seasoned turkey vets are already pondering what to do with all that leftover bird. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the all-American classics (particularly a warm turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce), but sometimes it’s good to think out of […]

It’s Football Season! Game-Day Grub, Tailgating Parties, and More

It’s time to limber up—take a moment to raise your hands in the air and rise from your seated position and do the wave. It’s time to celebrate men in pants tighter and shinier than J-Lo’s getting together to throw a ball around. To partake in the festivities, Tacolicious has […]