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The Chinolicious Holiday Gift Guide

Tacolicious and its sister restaurant Chino have drummed up six dumplingcentric, tacotastic ideas that are as fun to give to others as to give yourself. Either way, it’s heartfelt. 1. TACOLICIOUS gift card (duh). Succulent a bonus. 2. A stack of great ASIAN COOKBOOKS from Omnivore Books (Pok Pok by Andy […]

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last: On Losing the World Cheese Dip Championship

In San Francisco, a city that purports to love the local, sustainable, and kale salad, you’d think that the queso at Tacolicious would be met with disdain. But au contraire—it’s one of our best sellers. And it’s not just the gauche plebeians who clamor for it. Michael Tusk, the Michelin-starred chef and owner of Quince, […]

Getting into the Halloween Spirit: Night of the Headless Shrimp Taco

Tacolicious’s Night of the Headless Shrimp Taco With a smear of black refried beans and a drizzle of our Legendary Orange Sauce, these tacos are spirited (Halloween colors, but conveniently Giants colors too) and perfectly good made with your typical pre-headed shrimp. But if you want to freak a few squeamish friends out, buy […]