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When Alica’s Mom Cooks: Holiday Chicken Tamales Estilo Nayarit

Until taking time off to go to travel in Mexico and visit her grandmother in Nayarit, Alice Huerta worked as our sous chef at Tacolicious Valencia. Today she’s back at the restaurant working as a server (hey, you can’t argue with the allure of tips), but she still cooks in her […]

Have Tostada, Will Travel: Mexico City’s Gabriela Camara Comes to SF

For those of us who travel to eat, there’s an irrational compulsion to attempt to bring the best food experiences home. I say irrational because trying to recreate a culinary revelation had in another country—or another state for that matter—generally leads to wah wah wahhh (that’s the sound of disappointment). […]

Mission High: The School, The Mural, and Now, The Book!

Since we opened our Valencia Street location in 2011, all signs have pointed to Mission High. It started with the mural. When the restaurant was under construction, Joe and I decided to ask our resident artist Paul Madonna to paint Mission High to go along our patio wall—after all, the school is the Mission District’s […]